Living ‘Parineeti’


Living life in the now has tremendous power. In the last one year I have seen amazing things happening in my life when I live in surrender. It is as if the Universe is trying to show me how life can be a play of infinite possibilities when I live it rather than try to plan it!

Parineeti was one such glorious gift that life bestowed on me out of the blue. I was going about enjoying the overwhelming response that my paintings and my art work


It was amidst this that I was spotted and offered Parineeti. It was like the Universe knew things that are close to my heart and kept on dishing out its Grace accordingly. It knew that the script of Parineeti would resonate with my sensibilities in an instant for I have always, and still do, cherish relationships above everything else in life.


The experience of shooting with Kanwaljeet sir and kitu maam was outstanding. My bond with my father was always strong. After he passed away, it only grew stronger. Playing the daughter rekindled this beautiful emotion all over again and I could not have asked for a sweeter on screen dad than Kanwaljeet sir.


The love I have received in the past 24 hours is beyond my imagination. People from around the globe have written kind words of encouragement and appreciation. All I can do in return in thank them in humility, look up to the sky and open my arms wide in gratitude – Life is good, all is well!!


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