Eid Mubarak 

Ramazan / Ramadan is the most sacred and holds great significance for Muslims all around the world.

This month of Ramazan is celebrated without feasting and merriment.

The joyous celebration of Eid al Fitr marked the end of this holy month.

Ramadan takes place in the ninth  month of the Islamic Lunar calender . It is belived that the Quran’s first verse was revealed during the last 10 nights of this month.

I love this holy month as it helps us focus on act of faith,mercy , compassion, good will and sharing.

Edi brings with it the blessings and gifts from elders and the tasty  food , my favourite being the home made pudding called “Mamounia” which can be served hot or cold and is decorated with ground cinnamon and sliced almonds .

When we eat and share  “Sevaiyan Kheer” it brings us more closer with our loved ones.

Let this air of devotion and surrender give us the strength and grace which will help us to fill ourselves with content and peace.

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