Whether or not we have a high level of trust in our law enforcement officials and if we think that they are too rogue ( as portrayed in our movies ) the fact  is that the police officers are trying to enforce and protect law to maintain order in our civil society.


To challenge authority, officers, breaking or  ignoring Law is now days  becoming very common. Which needs to be stoped.

To re instill respect towards law and authority is the need of our nation today, parents in there parenting will have to add this chapter so that our children have a society which is filled with respect and love for law and its officials.


To live together in a civil society we need to bring in commitment, dedication and respect toward police and policing. The children will need to be taught that the laws are made after a lot of careful deliberation be it laws like speed limit , seat belt etc.

Teaching children respect towards law and police has to be started early by parents and school authorities, they will have to be guided to follow the laws and the teaching that the authority’s takes care of law and order and we need to respect and have a compassionate conversation with them.

We too need to model ourself to love and respect police and policing so that our children look up at us and follow our teachings.

Let’s create opportunities for positive interaction with police and policing, so that there importance and service gives us a protected health civil society.



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