Enthusiasm & Adventure… Cheers

The year is done, I look up at each day as a stroke on my canvas . 365 days each having its own colours.

The year I shed everything not helping me to fulfil my dreams. I refused to be a victim of self pity.
The days I played and learnt so many life learnings from my pets.
The days I became the weekend Mom and fulfilled myself.
The rains that cleansed my self doubts.

I danced my heart out, traveled and with yoga learnt to float with joy and peace above the waters of life.

I unscrewed all the mirrors from my inner walls that no longer were needed to stop my self love. I combed the weight out of my hair.

I fold these beautiful 365 days of 2017 and safely keep them in my back pack. I pour the first glass of wine of 2018 to relive my moments of joy .

January 2018 here I go stronger, wiser and a New Me.

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