Existence of cosmic divine mother- Himachal Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its natural beauty, hill stations and temples. The mountainous state with its diverse and beautiful Himalayan landscapes is breath taking.Looking for adventure tourism or spiritual retreat it is Himachal .743c0dd2-df98-419e-8c27-345c7d8a4df0

I planed my trip with fulfilling my self with the essence of divinity – ” Mata” A word having the whole existence in itself.

Himachal has in it these four major Shakti peethas .
Maa / Godess ” Chitpurni”  also known as “Chhinmasta”. She is that form of divine mother having great cosmic power to heal all your worries as her name suggests “Chint “that is worry ” purni” releasing all your worries.



Maa “Jwala Devi” located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh here there is no idol inside but a flame that is burning from thousand of years , it is belived  that ones the devotee comes in the presence of this flame all the struggles are vanished.


Maa “Chamunda “also known as “Sachchi “mata . She helps us in facing the truth of our life’s. She is believed to be the chief of the yoginies ( the attendants of the warrior goddess Durga) when the devotes invoke her she helps in winning the battles  of there life.


“Naina Devi” is in the town Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, situated at the northern end of the famous Namita Lake,  the temple is  at the hill top at the base of the hill is also the Samadhi of Bhagwat Jatta Jeona Morh. In the presence of Maa “Naina Devi “the devotes get cleared of the illusion and blindfoldness that stops them from getting a clear picture of there life purpose .


The feeling of the  experience of the spiritual retreat cannot be defined in words. I feel fortunate to be able to gain the essence of Divine Cosmic goddess power . Here  at each corner you keep on hearing –  JAI MATA DI


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