Happy Mothers Day

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There is a reason why it is said that Maa ke charnon mein jannat hai. Bhagwaan, Khuda, Ishwar ka doosra naam Maa hai. This is a sentiment that echos across all religions and beliefs since time immemorial. And it is relevant and just as true today.

These are not just word, nor does it take too much wisdom to realise their true import. The idea is God as we know it has too many similarities with our experiences with mothers

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God for us is the source of all creation. It is through our mother that we are created.

God is love itself the very epitome of selflessness – aah sounds like my mother, yes!

He (or if you wish your God to be a She) is there when ever you reach out to Him, no problem stands a chance when you have the Grace of the Lord accompanying you.

The list is endless –
Mothers are indeed the living manifestation of the highest. They might come packaged with human fragilities on the outside but go a little deeper and you will experience the infinite love overflowing in abundance

My mother has been the perfect friend, guru and guide for me in this journey of life. Her presence and strength have made me look at life in wonder and gratitude

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Today, I wish to give her and all the mothers of the world a tight hug and a silent thanks. You all are going about your life without realizing the exemplary impact you will leave for generations to come. For that unassuming attitude alone you deserve a salute!

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