“In times of Corona…”

I know in the Times of Corona we wonder what will happen and what the future would be like 🤔 but in Fairy Tales we have always seen there is a Happily Ever After ☺😁 And so that’s what it’s going to be like 💕Rapunzel was quarantined for a very Long time a witch stole her when she was a baby girl and took her to a tall tower. Since she was in isolation she wasn’t allowed to cut her hair or have any hair cuts thus had long hair, which the witch used to climb up the tower. One day, a prince saw the witch climbed the tower. When she went away the prince climbed up the tower with the help of Rapunzel’s hair and they fell in love. So you see the positive thing in the end inspite of quarantine phase she did live happily thereafter with the prince and also got a cool short bob hair cut 😉 Another fairy tale Cinderella was quarantined too would clean and sanitize the entire house for her stepmom and her step sisters. They were so worried of corona that they would make her work always to clean the entire house.

But one day before she went into quarantine phase she went for a party with the help of the Fairy Godmother but the fairy warned her to “be back before the clock strikes twelve” like you know before the city shut down and quarantine rule would pass. So as the clock struck twelve and Cinderella rushed out, leaving one of her slippers behind 🙈 and then fate gave her Happily Ever After too once the fear of corona ended the prince went to every house in his kingdom with the slipper until he found Cinderella and soon they were happily married ☺ 🥳 There’s a grain of truth in every tale and there is love story and positives in the times of corona too all you have to do is look 🥰😉 so while you are quarantined which fairy tale you relate too ?

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