Oneness With Shiva

Our ancient religion is more scientific than the contemporary science that we have grown up with. The earth was called “BhuGOL” because they knew that it was round but since childhood we have been told that this was a western discovery.


Likewise, are ancient texts have flagged certain days in the year when the planetary alignments is most conducive for an upward movement of our energies. These times are ideal for us to leapfrog in our spiritual pursuits. Among these days “Mahashivratri ” takes a pole position.
This year I decided to bring in my oneness with Mahadev, the first yogi who imparted the scientific knowledge of 112 paths to reach our divinity, with a trip to ‘Trimbakeshwar’ . The twelve ‘Jyotirlings’ of Shiva are like twelve recharge points where the energies for balancing our system.


I urge every seeker, and every person who is in pursuit of happiness, to take this journey within and Trimbakeshwar is a beautiful starting point which will hold your hand in Its abundant Grace.

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