The feminine energy paradox

I received a beautiful quote from Sadhguru this morning and it got me thinking. He said; “A woman should not have to fit into a man’s world. Half the world should anyway be hers.”


Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed. Be it the Gita or the contemporary sciences, this statement of fact is an universal law that has been apparent across all ages. Yet the human ignorance and arrogance has tried to subdued the female energy either through suppression in the earlier times or redefining the expectations from women to take away their primary essence in the modern ages.


This is the irony of our myopic vision which beleives that we can change one part while keeping all other parts intact. If we look at the picture in totality, as the women of our age are donning the bread earner caps, the female energies are manifesting more in males to keep the universal balance. Compare the males of today to those from earlier times and you will see a higher degree of feminine traits both in their physical and mental structures.


The Ardhnareshwar is a beautiful symbolic representation of the ideal world. A world where both the energies are given equal respect while realising the beauty and uniqueness of the two energies. A world where the the two merge together to achieve the highest potential that exists for humans.

We women are special and each day u need to remind yourself that you are whole and complete.


Don’t fall for the trap where you have to become like a man to prove your worth. You hold the responsibility of creating far more subtle and precious things than two pieces of bread on the table. The capacity to bring a new life into the world, discovering newer depths of love, the fragrance of wonder, the nurturing of mother earth and filling it with compassion, empathy, dignity and so much more that only you can do – reclaim your essence and we will have a beautiful world to live in.

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