The sacred colour of saffron

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Last evening I was sitting on the sea shore the cool breeze, the setting sun and the gentle waters gave company to my thoughts which went back to my strong affinity to the boundless ocean since childhood.

I pondered on the fact that Two of the most important philosophies in Hinduism are the worship of sunrise and sunset. The sacred colour saffron has its roots in the twilight hue.

The Rig Veda states that the sun is the energy source for all living beings. Sun is the soul of the Universe that gives life when it rises and restful silence to the mind when it sets.

The sunset is also symbolic of “death” and thus the Sandhya Kal is meant to be an auspicious time in the day for meditative reflection. Our entire spiritual journey during our life is to prepare us for death as it is our final thoughts that form the seeds of our next journey. A thoughtless mind, at peace in the face of death is supposed to be the gateway to liberation.


The way we perceive the ocean is a reflection of our life. When we watch the sea at the peripheral we miss out on its depth and infinite treasures. The ocean teaches us to go inward for it is in the depths of our being lies our true reality.

It was with these thoughts that I came home, my hands weeped out for my brush, and before I knew it I had before me my latest work of art. I hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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