Yoga – A pathway to freedom 

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Yoga is a journey from “Me” to “Myself”, it makes me a better person in thought and action. It helps me create an awareness of self


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Today on International Yoga Day I am proud to be an indian where the jewel of yoga has its origin.  Yoga is the key for good health and wellbeing , it is not merely an exercise but a pathway to bring balance and attain physical , mental, emotional and spiritual growth .

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Once we start practising yoga it takes us on a journey of bliss filling us with devotion of self awareness and oneness.

Yoga helps us in getting rid of our low vibrations freeing us from emotions like fear, anguish and loneliness.

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As our prime minister Narendra Modi has so well said -“Yoga is not only of Asanas, it is a blend of Gyan ( knowledge ) Karma(work) and Bhakti ( devotion)

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